miLoft is an innovative way of spending time in Milan. In the heart of the Tortona design district, inside the former Opificio Bisleri at Via Solari 11, six loft rooms for rent as in a normal hotel become a showcase of the latest furnishing products and solutions, from staircases to seating, accessories to home automation. The guests, transformed into active protagonists, can have a direct experience of the most original products and ideas in the world of architecture.


Here it is possible to encounter the avant-garde style and technology of Vitrum products, which fit perfectly in the ultramodern, post-industrial setting of the lofts, meeting needs of automation and decor. The rooms have the Vitrum vanishing sockets and the new image of electrical gear, from the Vitrum Glass collection to the very new Sense models.


For the MiLoft project Vitrum touch switches have been selected, in the variants of the Glass Collection, in sculpted glass, and Sense, the latest creation, based on the company’s research on materials like Cristalplant, Hi.Macs and Fenix. To complete the work, Vitrum Presa vanishing sockets (even when the plug is inserted) have been chosen, along with the classic Vitrum Cornice, for use with traditional electrical sockets.


As soon as guests enter the rooms, they are attracted by the form and lights of the products. The tactile and sonic feedback creates a sense of familiarity, facilitating immediate interaction with each type of control, while allowing clients to get acquainted with the company in a situation of direct contact.