A Victorian building from the early 20th century on Clitheroe Road in Clapham, a trendy area of London, has been renovated to create refined apartments on three different levels.

Two additional levels – a basement and a loft – expand the overall floorspace to 250 m2, split between the three flats. The renovation of the three apartments was done by the London-based investment firm CLPD investmentindesign.


Minacciolo has supplied the systems of the Minà and Natural Skin collections to furnish the three kitchens.


On the ground floor an apartment with three bedrooms and a garden features a Minacciolo kitchen made with the Minà and Natural Skin collections combined in a single solution. The first floor has a two-room flat with one bedroom and a balcony, where the kitchen has been installed with the Natural Skin system by Minacciolo.

The flat on the upper level, with two bedrooms and a terrace, also contains a Natural Skin kitchen.