At Conegliano Veneto, the architect Mario Mazzer has designed the addition of the Centro di Medicina. The new building is perceived as a monolith whose volume stands out thanks to the overhanging staircase along the eastern facade.

The choice of the color black reinforces the impression of a solid sculptural element. The entrance is a large glass wall that breaks up the monolithic look of the volume on the north side, while the facades are fragmented by a crescendo of orthogonal green blades.

The circular layout provides access to the clinics along the outer perimeter, and the service spaces grouped at the center. The interior architecture, with backlit walls, forms a contrast with the dark, compact outer shell.

The concept of bioconstruction has been applied to the building from the earliest design phases. A foundation in cellular glass, a ventilated facade, low-emission glass, LED lighting, a photovoltaic system, recirculation of internal air with recovery of over 90% of heat all combine to reduce energy consumption by over 50%.