NH Hotel Group and Philips Lighting present the new Mood Rooms of the NH Collection Eurobuilding.

Equipped with avant-garde technology, lighting and audio systems, the new rooms offer different settings to reflect the mood of guests and adapt to their needs.

A new way of thinking about space to offer a real experience.

The concept of the Hotel of the Future has been developed on the basis of three criteria: personalized guest experience, connected technology and sustainability.

The core is provided by Philips RoomFlex, a control system for complete configuration of rooms, easily interfaced with dynamic lighting run by sensors and other systems like heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as the control of music, curtains and room reservations.

By using a single control panel guests can choose the temperature, lighting (schemes of colors and brightness) and music based on their personal preferences. Even when taking a shower, it is possible to have a multisensory experience.

The Mood Rooms, organized to respond to all the needs of guests at any time, are activated by the simple question What are you in the Mood for?