On the 8th floor of a building in Kiev, a cylindrical tower with a spectacular view of the city, Mur Mur is an original restaurant designed by the studio Loft Buro – founded by Oleg Volosovsky – to recreate the atmosphere of a metropolitan loft.

The stylistic choices range through Mexican, central Asian, Indochinese and Japanese influences, alongside typically European features.

The restaurant is like a comfortable apartment, as well as a place in which to enjoy art.

Besides the restaurant with its open kitchen and bar, Mur Mur has a zone with a piano and a DJ console.

Loft Buro is a studio founded in Kiev in 2001, which now employs over 15 architects and designers as well as 5 engineers working on innovative and original projects of architecture and design.

Creativity and ambition inspire and guide Elena Logvynets and Oleg Volosovsky, the leaders of the Loft Buro team, in the design of spaces, restaurants and situations that reflect the inner worlds of their inhabitants.