The My Home Collection calls on Giulio Iacchetti as its art director, and acquires the brand Internoitaliano

My Home Collection begins 2019 in a spirit of change, hiring Giulio Iacchetti as the art director of the brand.

The goal is to write a new, engaging chapter in the recent but also well-established design history of the Florentine brand founded in 2015 thanks to the experience of the Alivar Group.

With the arrival of Giulio Iacchetti, My Home Collection acquires Internoitaliano, a project created by the designer in 2012, with Silvia Cortese, and with the contribution of Leonardo Sonnoli for the graphic design, and Massimo Gardone for photography.

Internoitaliano is a system of production of furniture, accessories and objects for the home and person, in collaboration with a large network of artisans – master ceramists, cabinetmakers, glassblowers – reflecting the excellence and quality of Made in Italy.

With the acquisition of Internoitaliano, the Alivar Group expands its offerings and its target.

In this new position, Iacchetti will rely on the team of graphic designers of Think Work Observe, which has concentrated on the restyling of the brand, starting with a new logo.

Aimed at a young audience constantly in touch with new trends in contemporary design, My Home Collection works with talented designers like Elena Salmistraro, Federica Biasi, Serena Confalonieri, Studio Lido and Alessandro Stabile.

At the next Salone del Mobile, My Home Collection and Internoitaliano will share a single space.



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Sedute della collezione Chemise, design Studio Lido per My home collection
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Collage di Leonardo Sonnoli con i vasi in ceramica Dego, Noli, Sori, Onzo, disegnati da Giulio Iacchetti per Internoitaliano
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Giulio Iacchetti
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Collage di Leonardo Sonnoli con lo sgabello Affi in legno massello di faggio e noce disegnato da Giulio Iacchetti per Internoitaliano
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Pouf della linea Belte, design Elena Salmistraro per My home collection
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Divano Knit, My home collection