For the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro,Myrtha Pools will produce a total of 17 pools: a new order has recently arrived for the construction of three temporary 25-meter facilities, inside the Parque des Atletas, to be used during training.

The other pools are also now being installed, to host the most famous swim competitions in the world.

They include a 50-meter pool, for all the swimming events, and the warm-up pool for the athletes, also with a length of 50 meters, in the Estadio Olimpico de Desportos Aquaticos.

A series of other pools will be built, including a 50-meter for the warm-up phases of synchronized swimming at the Centro Aquatico Maria Lenk.

For the first time in history, the swimming competitions of the Olympic Games will take place in temporary pools, which will be dismantled and relocated to other Brazilian locations at the end of the sporting event.