Once again Myrtha Pools provides expertise for a new public project, renovating the complex of the Municipal Swim Center of Merano.

The updating of the facility was ordered by Meranarena, the company that manages the city’s sports complexes, with which Myrtha Pools has already collaborated in the past.

The main operations of renewal of the area involved the two main swimming pools, which have been demolished and replaced by three new pools: a 50 m pool, 25×50 m, decorated with mosaic strips on the bottom; a medium pool, 15×30 m, and a smaller unit, 7×8.10 m.

All three have been designed for sports events, with compartments for subsequent installation of blinds, and are supplied with standard lighting that will be replaced by the innovative Angel Eye system, to electronically monitor the movements of swimmers and emit a signal if lifeguard intervention is required.

The infinity pool border by Myrtha in ceramic guarantees maximum absorption of shock waves during races and training.

As a whole, the project involves the refurbishing of service lines, accesses, dressing rooms and the entire outdoor area, with total renovation ranging from pavements to landscaping around the structure.