Nartist is a new initiative in which art, collecting and industry meet to create value. Through discussion, interaction and the exchange of ideas and projects, it is possible to experience and support art in its multiple applications.

Aspiring and veteran collectors, emerging artists and young creative talents, gallerists and curators, together with professionals in the fields of fashion and design, can find a virtual space in Nartist, where art is manifested through new forms and original collaborations.

The mission is to spread creativity, to deepen knowledge, to develop synergies with the world of industry. To open up an immediate, instinctive and educational dialogue through collaborations with sector experts, to support talent and passion.

Nartist reaches the market as a web platform: the digital art galleries offer visibility to emerging artists and young creators, while allowing private and institutional collectors to come into contact with original works of art, learning about them and purchasing them.

The program also allows artists to meet selected partners, mostly from the fields of fashion and design, who through emotional and aesthetic affinities want to invest in special projects, such as the creation of exclusive and personalized products.

The industrial backer of the project invented by Francesco Nicastri is Gruppo Doimo.

The collaboration with the group takes the form of implementation of the Nartist patent that consists of a system of removable application of a canvas/fabric in a fixed support placed on an industrial product, such as a piece of furniture or a garment.

The essential characteristic of the system is the fact that the works are interchangeably inserted in the frame.

Works by the artists of Studio d’Arte Cannaviello will become Nartist inserts in furnishings by Doimo.