The natural stone Crystal Agate Black from the Precioustone collection of Antolini suggests the magnificence of Venetian floors composed of natural and irregular parts that create a timeless design of rare beauty.

In this kitchen space with its modern, clean, white design the use of Crystal Agate Black attenuates the minimal mood, adding a sense of precious warmth. The spectacular mineral material of Antolini covers long linear strips that run along the perimeter of the floor and rise vertically along the wall.

The result is a spectacular setting that organizes the space into zones: hanging cabinets and technological elements – like the oven, or the TV screen – become abstract forms, like the white volume of the island kitchen.

Inside the space the play of contrasts stands out, between the total white of the kitchen and the refined chromatic impact of this precious stone, which from anthracite black shifts to blue-gray, then to ash gray and finally to milky white.