Nenette is a new apparel brand created by Cotton Milano. The Nenette stores, with a particularly young and spirited images, required suitable lighting design. In a commercial space lighting it is a very important factor: it must attract the attention of passers-by and invite them into the store, while showcasing the quality of the products on display. When it comes to apparel, the lighting of the fitting rooms is also crucial.


This is why AtiLed – a brand of Fabas Luce – has developed a new range of products for the retail sector: the Argos series.


The series features spotlights on tracks for individual adjustment, and recessed spotlights that use a special LED called Vivid, with very high chromatic performance and exceptional brightness. The idea of reproducing the full spectrum of colors is essential for all products, especially for fabrics. This is why the Argos series offers designers a wide range of installation solutions, with different optics for all design requirements.

Flexible lighting for flexible layouts, so the lighting system is always optimized to respond to the space and to last over time with complete efficiency.


In the Nenette stores the light beams and their intensities have been selected specifically for each space: display areas, counters, cash desk, windows.