In the renovated store, the brainchild of Ernst Knam and architect Lorenzo Palmeri, design elements and historical references blend in places of sensory experience where sweets, pralines and chocolate are the absolute protagonists.

At the entrance, customers are greeted by the large reception counter wrapped by display cases. The links to the underlying architecture of the place are varied: on the one hand the concept of travel, the world in one place, a plaza for meeting and relaxing; on the other, the world of the theater, with a stage where the chef can perform his art, following the inspiration of his imagination. A door leads directly to the renovated workshop where the aromas join impressions and colors to conserve in memory.

One of the dominant themes of the store’s décor is wood, domestic walnut deployed for all the fixed and nomadic parts. On a large portion of the walls and the ceiling mirror-finish glass multiplies the space while evoking the tradition of pastry shops that lives on in the collective imaginary.

The refrigeration cases have been made exclusively by Isa. In addition to the modern elegance and design, they have a special concave glass that brings the view of products closer to the gaze of the customer. The quality of light in the spaces is entrusted to a special system with four different sources with different color temperatures, to adapt to the changing seasons and conditions of daylight.

The floor is made from recycled materials, and inside its segments a microchip is visible, with a piece of colored glass, a thin wire, a bud, aluminum confetti, ‘chromosomes’ of the city of Milan.

At the center of the space a large lamp by Flos, created by the Israeli designer Ron Gilad.

Finally, the display of the sweets is coordinated with the virtuoso products of Alessi.