When they create footwear to use day in and day out, the designers at Nike Sportswear focus on three key characteristics: insole comfort, comfortable uppers, and long-range comfort.

“Flexibility does not always mean comfort. It is more complicated,” says Dylan Raasch, lead designer of Nike Roshe Two and the earlier Nike Roshe One.


Nike Roshe Two combines dual-density memory foam with an innovative outsole hollowed at certain points to improve flexibility, allowing each side to move independently. The model features a minimal upper that forms to the wearer’s foot, while an additional foam layer cushions impact.

While providing underfoot and upper comfort, all-day footwear is designed to foresee physiological changes across the span of the day. The feet tend to swell and the in-shoe temperature rises, hour after hour. Nike Roshe Two offers stretch and breathability in the upper to counteract these effects, while providing suitable insole support.

Nike Roshe Two Flyknit is available on NikeTech Book, on SNKRS App and at selected points of sale around the world.