The LED is the light source of the future”. Ten years ago this was the stated credo of the founder and CEO of Nimbus Group, Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl. A vision that has now become a reality.

From the outset, the original products of Nimbus have undergone an continuous development process, improving lighting performance and energy efficiency.

LED technology and design meet in a heterogeneous approach that has led to the creation of the Modul Q lamps.

The latest version of the Modul Q 36 has a square form and surprising luminous efficiency, surpassing 110 lm/watt, with a color rendering index CRI>90, corresponding to that of natural light. At the time of its market launch the Modul Q 36 needed about 12 watts for output of 470 lm; ten years later the numbers have changed, and the lamp provides 550 lm with just 4.7 watts.