The architecture studio Wulf Architekten of Stuttgart set two goals in the project for the new central facility of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK in Stuttgart: to achieve maximum emotional wellness and minimum energy consumption.


Since lighting and acoustics play a fundamental role to achieve these objectives, the 7800 square meters of the new building have been set up using over 800 LED lighting fixtures by Nimbus and over 100 sound-absorbing panels of the Rossoacoustic brand.


In the work environment, transparency and luminosity create emotional wellbeing. Natural light is abundant, entering large windows and dome skylights in the entrance halls and open-plan workspaces.


The intensity of sunlight changes across the day, depending on the season, so the whole building has been outfitted with over 800 LED lighting fixtures by Nimbus, which guarantee high efficiency and energy savings and can intervene when daylight is not sufficient. These lamps ensure constant brightness throughout the day, thanks to a control system that automatically regulates the intensity of the light source depending on the degree of brightness in the space.


The effective use of materials, furnishings and acoustic systems contributes to create a sensation of wellness. With the Rossoacoustic TP30 Knit panel system it is possible to create a separation between workstations, or in coworking spaces, adding a touch of color as well. The panels, covered with a special sound-absorbing material, are available in 17 colors, to satisfy practically all needs.