Stefano dall’Osso and his work team have designed the lighting systems for an evocative space: the courtyard of the Dar il-Hanin Samaritan at Santa Venera, Malta.

The courtyard is a dynamic structure, part of a rest home complex. It is a space the architect from Malta Richard England has approached as a composite, to offer guests new perspectives during moments of relaxation, walking and play in an atmosphere that comforts the spirit thanks to the alternation of green areas, water and bright, colorful volumes.

On the ground level the areas addressed by the technical lighting project are the walkways, staircases, towers and pools, the chapel, indoor spaces and adjacent multifunctional rooms, as well as the connections and routes on the first floor.

The lighting study conducted by Stefano Dall’Osso takes its place in the overall architectural design in a discreet way, enhancing the particular variety of geometric forms and colors without becoming an invasive presence. England’s work of architecture, in fact, sets out to create a theater of geometric presences that evoke emotions and sensations, mixing and combining with the natural elements of earth, water and sky.

In this scenario the light follows the shapes of the architectural parts, blending with them, never compromising visibility but contributing, together with the space and colors, to bring a positive influence to the state of mind of the inhabitants.