Solutions by L&L Luce&Light for Cascina Ranverso, Turin

Solutions by L&L Luce&Light for Cascina Ranverso, Turin


Cascina Ranverso stands in the lower Val di Susa and is one of the oldest agricultural complexes in Piedmont, dating back to 1782. Today it contains a rural tourism facility.

The complex has been renovated to combine hospitality with its original agricultural functions. The spaces have been updated for new uses (kitchen, restaurant, multifunctional rooms, guestrooms, an organic food store) without altering the places historical identity.

The solutions applied focus on sustainability and energy savings, while optimizing the functional potential of the buildings, using materials with low environmental impact.

The same principles apply to the technical lighting design done by Susanna Antico Lighting Design Studio, which has focused on an all-Italian commission in this case, after several years of projects abroad.

The basic concept of the lighting design is to enhance the perception of the architectural volumes as a whole, without visual fragmentation or disturbance after dark, leaving room for the experience of the sky and the sounds of the countryside.