The new entirely automated warehouse of the company based in Vicenza is now up and running at Marostica

Starting on 7 January, at Marostica (Vicenza), the new finished product warehouse of Vimar is now fully operative. Built in just over a year, the facility is entirely automated with the most modern logistics. The new warehouse marks completion of the first phase of construction of a new center of logistics and production for the company.

The ambitious project covers a total area of 70,000 square meters, including indoor warehouse space, public parking areas and green zones with playgrounds open to the local residents.

The overall program will be completed during the course of 2019 with the construction of a building for managerial offices, and a large production facility. The project is based on the most advanced criteria of environmental sustainability. The elegant, minimal lines of the various buildings fit harmoniously into the context, also thanks to vertical gardens and a green roof, an ecological solution that also provides better thermal insulation.

The energy needs of the entire complex are covered to a great extent by renewable sources. A photovoltaic system contributes annual production of 800,000 kWh, entirely devoted to production. Climate control in winter and summer relies on a geothermal system, combined with 48,000 square meters of radiant flooring, permitting primary energy savings equal to 40%. Everything is controlled by a Smart Metering platform that relies on a sophisticated system of sensors to acquire, analyze and control energy data in real time, optimizing the use of systems and reducing consumption by 10%.

For maximum use of natural light, the perimeter walls are equipped with large vertical glazings, while the roof has many skylights. All the glass has low emissions to reduce the dispersal of heat. The lighting solutions make use only of LED technology, combining functional quality, energy savings and environmental comfort. The parking area offers columns for recharging the electric cars of the Vimar fleet.