O bag enters the world of living with a project that combines design, aesthetics and technology, as announced during FuoriSalone 2017.

The protagonist of this debut is the O joy lamp, rigorously Made in Italy, a multitasking component lamp designed by Franco Driusso, co-founder of the studio DriussoAssociati.


O joy is the archetype of a table lamp, reinterpreted in an unusual rocking version thanks to the spherical base. It incorporates the main value of O bag, namely that of personalization: every part of the object comes in 6 different colors.

The lightness and compact size (height 30 cm) make it a nomadic companion, ready to follow you wherever you go: from the living room to the bedroom, the terrace to the garden on summer evenings.


O joy is a dynamic lamp both because it rocks and because it does not have a fixed cord. The batteries can be recharged by connecting to the mains with a power supply, or directly from any USB socket. After recharging, the lamp can easily be taken anywhere.


O joy is actually much more than a lamp: it is an amusing multisensory object that offers harmonious stimuli. Besides providing light, it also spreads fragrances thanks to interchangeable cartridges placed inside the device.

A range of 6 fragrances are available, to create very special atmospheres.

Thanks to an optional Bluetooth module that can be inserted in the base, O joy also becomes a speaker to connect to any smartphone.


Multisensory Delight is the concept behind the new O bag product: an object that brings olfactory and audio experience together with light and movement. For an experience of complete wellbeing.