Two Milan-based professionals – Andrea Magro and Deborah Migliorini – have transformed this historic site in the Marches into an avant-garde hospitality structure. The ambitious renewal project for Borgo della Spiga has completely renovated the old structures in both architectural and functional terms, transforming a large farmhouse into a B&B and converting a former shed into two fully equipped lofts for rentals.

The outdoor zones feature a panoramic pool and an accessorized relaxation area. The linear perspective of the pergola and the deck are joined by the soft lines of the MT seats designed by Ron Arad for Driade.


In the warm Brown color, the Externo deck combines technology and sustainability. Made with 60% bamboo flour, Externo is safe, prevents slipping, ages well and stands up to weather, stains, fungi, mold, bacteria, marine micro-organisms and insects.