Students from the course in Interior and Exhibit Design, guided by Prof. Roberto Gigliotti, have designed the new children’s area at the Museion. A stimulating task conducted in the framework of the research project EDDES “Educating with/through design: to stimulate creative learning in museums and scholastic contexts,” coordinated by Prof. Giorgio Camuffo.

The idea of Octopus came from certain questions shared by the two partners in the project: “Can the expertise of designers, together with that of experts on mediation, increase the efficacy of mediation processes in the museum environment? And, in particular, what is the role of space, its perception and its design, in all this?”

In a series of encounters with the student, the Museion team provided the working group with an introduction to the issues related to the idea of space and perception in contemporary art. These sessions also led to reflection on the role of education in the development of creativity.

Octopus is a bundle of twisted, padded tentacles extending through the entire space. Children, accompanied by their parents, can weave them and move them, transforming the space into imaginary landscape that are always different, or finding a comfortable space to rest amidst the folds and knots of the soft tentacles.

Each tentacle contains a different filler material, stimulating the senses of the young guests. Light sources encourage interaction with the space, projecting shadows on the walls.