XOhubby XOffice, an international reference point in the contract sector, is the first Office Jungle in Rome.

The new technological, hyperconnected and green space is a multifunctional location of about 500 square meters that functions not only as a workplace, but also as a new center of cultural exchanges between companies.

The desire to promote increasingly conscious use of greenery in the workplace lies behind this project, in which plants become the unexpected protagonists of spaces.

Offices thus find a new dimension, become a true contemporary urban jungle that brings greater wellbeing to their inhabitants.

Careful selection of colors and materials can give rise to a new, contemporary language.

The 2000 series, which reinterprets the legacy of Thonet furniture in curved wood, together with the 808 lounge chair and the S 8000 table, have been chosen to make the space even more comfortable and functional.