In what was once the headquarters of USM, at Bahnhofplatz 9 in Münsingen, the second restaurant of the local chef Urs Hauri, the Kochwerkstatt Münsingen, has been completely renovated by atelier oï.

In the open kitchen Christian Thierstein, long a collaborator of Urs Hauri, creates enticing regional dishes in tune with the seasons, with exotic touches from faraway lands.

On the first floor, two meeting rooms are placed beside the restaurant and the kitchen, where guests can also personally intervene in the preparation of their favorite repasts.

The seminar room on the upper level can contain 52 persons, and is decorated with furnishings by USM.

Tables by USM Haller are also used in the restaurant, with a special finish for the tops in Japanese cedar wood.


In the renovation, atelier oï has created a new spatial concept based on the use of noble materials.

The suspension lamps made to measure help to generate a harmonious atmosphere, while the drapes provide different subdivisions of the spaces and improve acoustics.