This private villa designed down to the smallest details by the architect Giovanni Rigano stands on a small hill sloping towards the beach.


Located near Torre di Cerrano, one of the historic coastal towers of the Kingdom of Naples, it is immersed in a beautiful natural setting.

The modern house incorporates landscape features, reflected in the choices of materials and colors.


Glass, wood and brick are the main materials, both inside and outside.

The focus on nature is confirmed by the original facing in red brick color of the right wing of the house, breaking up the uniformity of the pale brick walls. The contrast brings out the link to various natural elements: sand, earth, sea, air.


Among the many natural materials that go into this harmonious dialogue between the villa and the landscape, the choice for the entrance door has gone to the Synua model by Oikos Venezia.

Renowned for high performance and customization, the door has been installed in the version with glossy white glass facings in 8 sectors, and a special handle with a vanishing mechanism for a totally coplanar effect. The glossy internal finish brings light to the spaces.

The outer surface is also pale but with a matte finish. The natural ecru stone porcelain stoneware blends perfectly with the colors and materials of the landscape.