In this new restaurant in London the architect Pierluigi Piu continues his narration of Sardinia – the homeland of the owner – previously started in other venues, and evoked here by large bas reliefs on the walls in natural stone (Tunis gray). The reliefs reference the weaving technique known as “a pibiònes” typical of the island.


The rigorous Victorian facade of Olivo Restaurant has been ‘freshened up’ with an unusual color.


The main dining room features an initial large ‘tapestry’ in stone (400×300 cm) painstakingly sculpted based on the architect’s design by master craftsmen of the company Lithea.

The second stone tapestry (800x300cm) covers the entire wall of the perimeter of the dining room, and features a variation on the decorative motif of the pavoncella, a symbol of fertility and prosperity in Sardinia.


Both tapestries are made to measure and composed of sheets of stone with a thickness of just 2 cm sculpted by numerically controlled machinery to guarantee precision in assembly. The surfaces are finished entirely by hand by Lithea, with a process that gives them the typical characteristics of fabrics.