The Scatto Italiano project combines the passion for bicycles with the design experience of Giuseppe Gurrado and Pietro Nicola Coletta, with the aim of applying fine Italian craftsmanship to a simple object like a bicycle, reinterpreted with a personal, innovative and contemporary approach.

This style is also reflected in the design and production of a patented line of bike accessories created by Lucrezia Pascale, the new designer of the Scatto Italiano team.

Scatto Italiano is a digital atelier that revolutionizes the world of the bicycle, introducing the new and innovative 3D Configurator and a website full of sections to narrate the design phase of the components of Scatto Italiano bicycles, including 3D videos of the frame and the handlebars, illustrating the lab tests to measure the strength of the 100% wood parts, without metal cores, and other high-quality features.