The exhibition-market of independent production with 72 selected designers, young emerging talents from 33 countries.

The event Open Design Italia, free of charge, was held in the spaces of Trento Fiere, the central building connected to the MUSE museum.

Four prizes and two special mentions were assigned by an international jury that surveyed the exhibitors in search of design originality, functional quality, efficiency of the production chain and connections to the territory.

The jury was composed of: Matteo Cibic, Boaz Cohen, Valerio Facchin, Adam Somlai-Fischer, Roque Luna Jr., Benedetto Marzullo e Luigi Ratclif.

The four main prizes went to: Atelier di Cucina (Open Design Italia award, offering access to the national and international promotional channels of Open Design Italia, as well as a package of free consulting services), Nullame (Special DE.MO. 2014 Prize to support new design for art shops and bookshops, and the international mobility of young Italian artists), Tarta Design (Prezi Prize, with the creation of a personalized presentation to promote products and activities) and Studio Lasinger (Living prize with publication of the winning project in the magazine and the web portal, with an annual subscription to the digital magazine).

The ‘zero-kilometer’ special mention went to Christian Mittendorfer for the project ‘Binò’ while the ‘poetic message’ mention was assigned to Edizioni Precarie.

All the participating designers had access to Design at Museum – design enhanced in the special setting of the Museum, a selection of the 10 best projects chosen by a group of experts, permitting them to be photographed in exceptional museum contexts like MUSE.

The winners are: Rootless with ‘The wooden bike’, Tarta Design with ‘Tarta Original’, Little Italo with ‘Dune’, Massimiliano Alberto Ravidà with ‘Top’, Sudisegno with ‘Dodelamp’, 3Sign with ‘Pinocchio’, Antonietta Casini with ‘Cosà&Così’, Ilana Efrati with ‘Fossili mediterranei’, Wav Clothing and Studio Lasinger with jewelry. The Special Section prize went to Mauro Borella with ‘Ailovo’.

Hungarian Academy Prize: the 10 winners will have a chance to show their projects at the Hungarian Academy at the end of November 2015. An institutional prize of international impact.

Prizes went to Rootless with ‘The wooden bike’, Defacts+Henry&Co with ‘Salvamacchia Eatshoot’, Atelier di Cucina with ‘Pila’, Aude with ‘Woo’, Little Italo with ‘Dune’, Mangodesign with ‘Sfacciato’, Victoria Thiteux with ‘Lampkappa’, Benini & Salvaterra with ‘Terotoi’, Takirai Design with ‘Anelli Vuoto’ and Studio Lasinger with ‘Wood Weavings Wovet’.