Once again, Lake Garda is the location for a project that involves Resstende in an outstanding scenic context. This residence in Bardolino is immersed in the greenery of the lakefront. A private, modern home in a botanical garden, whose architecture is based on choices of clean, essential lines.

This is the ideal context for two sunscreening systems by Resstende. The company from Agrate Brianza has created the external vertical screening system, and the outdoor space that combines design and technology.

The vertical wall-mounted screening made by Resstende calls for the use of the Ironscreen system, a metal screen composed of a weave of cables and rods in stainless steel, applied to a roller system to guarantee optimum strength in different climate conditions typical of the lakeside, providing a unique style with a high-tech image.

This special design offers high standards of strength, thermal insulation and protection from light, ensuring maximum durability, resistance to wind and to the corrosive action of smog.

Resstende has also designed a Veranda with roller blind in galvanized steel and housing in extruded aluminium, composed of a fixed part and a mobile part for access. The back encloses a pretensioning system with an accessible housing, while the screen is held in constant tension by a spring positioned inside the traction bar. The installed system is motorized with a single-phase tubular 230V/50Hz M50 motor with extension regulator, thermal protection and IP44 protection against water spray.

The fabric utilized is Estoryl darkening fabric in a cream color, in 550 Dtex polyester. Darkening Estoryl is one of the fabrics offering a 65% deduction for expenses from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015, in Class 4, with gtot < 0.10.