Palazzo Ricordi is back, completely renovated for total sustainability.

The building in Milan at Via Berchet 2 – built in 1880 thanks to Opera Pia Borella and then the headquarters, since 1920, of Società Ricordi (which purchased the edifice in 1930) – has now been reborn, thanks to Antonello Manuli Holdings, as an office building with shops.

Not just an ordinary structure, but a true gem of sustainability, one of the ‘greenest’ buildings in Milan, a milestone of ecological renovation, thanks to careful restructuring handled by a versatile team of professionals.

Thanks to the work of this team, Palazzo Ricordi is now the oldest building in the world to obtain LEED Core & Shell certification at hte Gold level for sustainability.

A success achieved with the contribution of the technical partners Studio di Architettura Parisotto & FormentonF&M Ingegneria, ESA engineering, and the consulting of Evotre for the certification.

In Italy a similar record had already been set with the renovation of Ca’ Foscari (1453) in Venice. But this building, with LEED certification for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance, was subjected exclusively to non-structural intervention. Instead, Palazzo Ricordi, with LEED Core&Shell certification, has been altered by a complex project of major renovation involving the structure, the enclosure, the internal layout and the entire physical plant system for heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC).