Performance and comfort are the key words of the new WallyCento. The Wally superyacht is the result of an excellent collaboration between the yacht designer Mark Mills, the Italian shipyard Persico Marine and Pininfarina for the interior design.

Starting from Mark Mills’ design, Persico Marine is building the fourth superyacht in the WallyCento class with the goal of delivering the 100-foot racer-cruiser in the summer of 2017. From the precise setting of the instrumentation to the accurate positioning of the fiber and the quality control, the advanced processes of Persico ensure the precision of the form designed by Mills, weight control and careful final assembly of composite parts.

“Thanks to our high-quality production processes,” said Marcello Persico, managing director of Persico Marine, “we are confident that we will be able to optimize the weight of the yacht, while respecting the rules of engagement and the spirit of Wally.”

The interiors of the WallyCento#4 have been done by the famous design house Pininfarina, working together with Persico to achieve the performance objectives. The solutions of the interior design and construction team have the aim of creating the best possible light boat with the quality and optimum strength for a high performance superyacht of the latest generation.

“Pininfarina and the sea have a long relationship that has generated, over the years, gems that combine elegance and performance,” said Paolo Pininfarina, president of Pininfarina. “Our philosophy is to design tailor-made projects, drawing every single detail in order to satisfy the client’s needs and make his dreams come true. The WallyCento#4 represents an extraordinary new chapter in this long history.”