Philips takes a step forward in the world of connected light with the latest entry in the Hue series: Philips Hue Go, a solution that goes beyond traditional light for a versatile, unique and exciting experience.

Winner of an iF Design Award, Hue Go is a portable lamp that lets you create your own atmosphere thanks to high-quality white LED light, 16 million colors and natural or dynamic effects. Hue Go lets you experience light in different ways in the home or garden (Hue Go is designed to stand up to high humidity, though it is not hermetically sealed. It can be used outdoors, but it is not made to survive bad weather conditions without some kind of shelter).

Emitting up to 300 lumens, Hue Go offers seven dynamic effects to enhance special moments, and the possibility of interaction with other applications for a new experience of lighting, where the only limit is your imagination.

Thanks to a dedicated app, Philips Hue Go, like other solutions in the Hue range, can be synchronized with a smartphone to signal the arrival of e-mail or changing weather conditions, or to indicate when the device has received other important communications.

The lamp also offers a natural wake-up program, gradually increasing light intensity to simulate the moment of sunrise. Hue Go can interact with intelligent appliances in the home, generating even more engaging solutions and taking entertainment to a higher level thanks to third-party apps.

Hue Go is very simple to use: just connect Hue Bridge to the web, download the Philips Hue app and connect it to the system. Of course Hue Go communicates with all the other products in the range, integrating easily with the system itself.

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