The Edge, in Amsterdam, is a sustainable building with a high level of intelligence thanks to its innovations and technologies. It is the first office building in the world equipped with the innovative connected lighting system of Philips for offices, based on Power over Ethernet technology.

A connected lighting system that gets energy and information from a single Ethernet connection and is capable of supplying facility managers with an overview of models of occupation and use of energy in the building. This system leads to better-informed decisions, for unprecedented levels of energy and operating efficiency.

The Philips connected lighting system based on Power over Ethernet also allows those who are in side the building to set lighting and temperature to suit their needs. Thanks to an app, employees can adjust temperature and lighting in their offices from their smartphones, contributing to increase productivity in the workplace.

Thanks to the Philips connected lighting system for the office based on Power over Ethernet technology, certain services of the building can be made more efficient from an operative viewpoint. Lighting consumes 40% of building energy: LED connected lighting by Philips offers energy savings of up to 80% (meaning a reduction of 30% on total electricity consumption. Cleanliness: the connected lighting system based on Power over Ethernet can reduce building cleaning costs by about 10%. Optimization of space: lighting equipped with sensors allows facility managers to implement better space planning, for greater spatial efficiency of 20% thanks to real-time information.