The project involves an immense wave pool, with an area of 3940 square meters, which required a complete renovation, done in just two months thanks to Myrtha RenovAction® technology.

Created and patented by Piscine Castiglione, RenovAction® is based on the use of modular panels in PVC-laminated steel, installed inside the existing pool without requiring demolition of the original structure, for significant savings in terms of timing and costs.

A second project for the complex was the construction of an exceptional “River,” a canal with a length of 1340 meters crossing the entire resort, with attractions that include a volcano, waterfalls, sudden spurts of water, hydromassage zones for pure relaxation.

The River is an example of the application of Myrtha® technology based on a modular system featuring the use of stainless steel panels laminated at high temperatures with a layer of very hard, resistant PVC.

Photos: Archivio Piscine Castiglione Myrtha Pools.