Poltrona Frau has been chosen by Alitalia to outfit the seats of the new Business Class on intercontinental flights, recently presented along with the new outer decorations of the airplanes and new on-board services.

The seats in Business Class are covered with patented Frau leather in contrasting colors: beige and black. The refined combination, like the interiors of luxury sports cars, has been selected to improve the perception of quality and elegance.

The seat cushion is in beige leather, while the black back has a horizontal band at shoulder height and a headrest, both in beige.

The green and red Alitalia logo is on the headrest, while the Poltrona Frau logo is imprinted in relief further down on the back.

Poltrona Frau’s experience in the aeronautical sector began in 1990 in its first collaboration with Alitalia, for the creation of the seating in what was then called Top Class.

Besides Alitalia, the company has also worked with Singapore Airlines for its exclusive first class suites, and with Etihad for the new, luxurious suites with very high levels of comfort.

The strong point of Poltrona Frau is its ability to work with clients on a co-design approach to respond to different requirements and to make over a century of experience available in all projects.

Operating in this sector implies continuous technological challenges, including the development of special flameproof leather that can stand up to the toughest testing with smoke and flame, in keeping with international safety regulations, to guarantee the highest levels of comfort.