The villa designed by Chakib Richani is located at Palm Jumeirah, the luxurious artificial island facing Dubai.


Organized on two levels, the prestigious residence stands out for its large windows to light up all the spaces of the house. On the upper level a cubical structure in natural marble emerges from the main block. On the lower level, a dramatic swimming pool runs along the inner side of the garden. The linear, orderly main facade stands out for its full-height wood paneling that incorporates a double door to reach the parking places.


Paving in large, orderly sheets of pale porcelain stoneware leads to the pedestrian entrance: above three marble steps, the imposing Synua security door by Oikos Venezia occupies the entire passage, extending upward with the paneling with a Legno Vivo finish in antique-effect oak. The horizontal steel handle is clean and essential.


The spatial effect triggered by Synua inside the house is striking and surprising: the vertical pivot fully exploits the light and the space.

Antique oak and steel are also the finishes chosen for Synua in the interiors.