The project for the headquarters of the company AB Medica, by the architect Giuseppe Tortato, in a landmark building, combines the functional and symbolic aspects indicated by the client for a context alongside the Milan-Varese motorway.

The dimensions of speed and dynamism are translated into a work of architecture based on the refined, technologically advanced world of motor yachts.

Greenery becomes an integral part of the architectural design, a veritable construction material that contributes to generate privacy and quality of life.

The design expresses the dynamism and innovation of a company on the front lines of research, with a focus on energy savings and the psychophysical wellbeing of the staff.


A “fast” and functional but also high-image building. Ecosustainability, creativity and experimentation, protection from sunlight and the noise from the motorway, the wellness of workers: these are the key points of the project.

A sculptural building that conveys a sense of technological power that fully represents the company.


Photos by Daniele Dominicali