Indoor and outdoor zones establish a dialogue in a residential project that grafts a high-tech volume onto a villa from the 1980s. The architect Salvatore Puleo has designed a renovation project marked by respect for existing features, above all with the goal of reducing environmental and visual impact to a minimum. Nature ‘enters’ the house thanks to large glazings that can be opened completely.


The impact on the surrounding landscape is gentle, never aggressive. The villa is a welcoming, elegant presence in the soft, lush natural setting typical of the terraced hills of the Catania region, facing the sea.


The design concept focuses on maximum integration of old and new, enhancing the existing structure while adding a new embedded addition, with the most innovative technologies for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The materials are also ecological, natural and recyclable, including wood, stone, metal and glass.


The perception of spaciousness and fusion is also triggered by the use of Microtopping for the radiant flooring. Besides providing a seamless, warm image, the material by Ideal Work, together with the wooden ceilings, guarantees outstanding comfort even in the winter months.