For its first hotel on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, Melia Hotels has chosen products by Linea Light Group to enhance every detail and to offer guests moments of luxury and relaxation.

Contemporary elegance, discreet charm and above all relaxation, by the Adriatic Sea. This is the atmosphere in Montenegro, at the new Hotel Melia Budva Petrovac, a resort lit by Linea Light Group thanks to its experience with LED technology.

The technical lighting project has been refined down to the smallest details, focusing on the entire facility. For the exterior of the building, the choice has gone to Loop66, an applique that stands up to dust, rain and humidity, permitting the creation of evocative lighting effects to decorate facades with perpendicular beams of light.

For the windows and balconies, Arcada is a lighting series designed for indirect illumination with constant intensity, free of glare and dispersion, to add a sense of greater depth to the architectural setting.



Fylo Outdoor has been used for the perimeter canopy of the roof of the building, the outdoor pool and the balconies connecting the towers of the hotel. Its integrated profile is the perfect solution for the installation of lighting strips even when no structural support is fitted to the building.

Finally, the Portik ceiling lamp has been used for the perimeter porticos, and the Gardener outdoor spotlight for the shrubs and palms in the garden.