The buildings designed by the architecture studio Herzog & de Meuron for the new offices of Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli and a wide range of green areas, bicycle paths and spaces for the city, will involve a major project of urban renewal.

Resstende has developed unique sunscreen models for the buildings, working together with the architects. While the buildings are based on the simplicity of Milanese historical architecture, the Resstende systems have been developed with a particular focus on dialogue with the structure, attention to detail and unusual technical excellence.

Sunscreening is no longer just an isolated feature, but an open system that thrives on the relationship with the project from the outset. The force of the design, in this case, comes from the dialogue between clients, designers and manufacturers of the structure, leading to a truly unique screening system.

The construction plan of the vertical and sloping blinds included detailed study of the guides for attachment to the window frames and the details concerning the arrangement of the electrical system for the use of the screens. On the southern facade of the complex Resstende 384 roller screens will be installed (Sistemi Zip 21ax349 m and Sistemi Zip with Traction Kit).