The world of architecture and technologies takes part in the success of Expo Milano 2015. The strong impact on visitors comes precisely from the architecture of the pavilions and the enclosures in metal, wood, glass and ceramics.

Expo Gate, the symbolic gate of access to the Universal Exposition, designed by Studio Scandurra and built by Stahlbau Pichler, has opened the way to the event for hundreds of thousands of visitors precisely thanks to the EBE stainless steel doors by Secco Sistemi.

Cascina Triulza, from a rural building to an exhibition space. After careful restoration by Expo, thanks to the intervention of ARCSP Studio, Cascina Triulza features windows, glass doors and galvanized doors painted in anthracite gray and made by the frame maker Fraccarollo Primo & C. with the systems OS2 and EBE 85 by Secco Sistemi, developed for sustainable restoration projects.

Bronzofinestra for the Bahrain Pavilion. Designed by the Dutch architect Anne Holtrope and the landscape architect Anouk Vogel, the pavilion will be dismantled at the end of Expo, transported and reassembled in the Middle Eastern nation as an essential part of a botanical garden. The openings, doors and large fixed windows have been made by F.lli Ronchetti with the Bronzofinestra system in OT 67 shiny brass alloy, a preferred finish in the Middle Eastern countries.

Brazil chooses Cor-ten. Designed by MOSAE Studio (architecture and structure design, equipment and engineering) with Arthur Casas Studio (architecture, interior design) and Atelier Marko Brajovic (set design, exhibition, multimedia design), the pavilion features doors and large windows in Cor-ten steel, made with the EBE 65 system, by the window fitter Ferrari Gianantonio.

Cor-ten at Cascina Merlata. Cor-ten steel has also been used for the large doors and solid panels of the structures of the West Entrance designed by Onsitestudio and made by AB System. The roof and wall panels, and the casements and transparent openings in Cor-ten, done with the EBE 65 system by Secco by the metal carpentry firm Bertero Mario snc, underline the chromatic and materic aspects of the two new volumes.