The project by Giulio Iacchetti and Internoitaliano exists in symbiosis with the work of architecture that contains Eataly: an area of 4600 square meters on two levels with two mezzanines, in a building from 1853 that once contained the historic Schrannenhalle market, an important place of trade and culture in the heart of Munich.

The utterly Italian theme of summer in Romagna has proven to be very appealing for a German audience. The sign Rimini Rimini made with many light bulbs is seen over the counter, in a precise reference to the typical summer festivals and signage graphics of the 1950s.

25 colored umbrellas float in the luminous space, indicating a double trajectory that encourages customers and visitors to look up and to head towards the mezzanine of the Adriatico restaurant. After crossing the area of typical wooden beach cabins, they are welcomed by a vacation atmosphere featuring director’s chairs, cots, umbrellas, piadine and a bar.

The project extends to the tables, where the graphics of the placemats, coordinated with the menus and the uniforms of the wait staff, replicate the typical Romagna rust printing techniques, in dialogue with the lively colors of the tableware.