Intelligent design and apt choices of materials to regenerate urban areas threatened by decay: this is the philosophy behind the Case di Luce project, which in Bisceglie, Apulia has made a substantial contribution to the recovery of a semi-suburban district of the city, creating Europe’s largest building in hemp and lime.

The project by PS Architetture implemented by Pedone Working of Bisceglie (BT) is based on an integrated approach that brings out the bioclimate characteristics of the site, while applying construction techniques from the Mediterranean tradition.

To combine security with thermal insulation, the choice went to the Dierre security doors of the Synergy Out line, which thanks to a patented PVC frame with a steel core set records for insulation, with trasmittance 7 times lower than traditional frames: Uf 1.1 W/m2 K as opposed to 7.