For the internal renovation of a historic building in Manhattan, New York City, composed of 7 apartments and 3 suites, protected by the heritage regulations, the goal of the architect and photographer Leopoldo Rosati was to respect history, making past and present coexist.

This has been accomplished by mixing elements of the territory (like the classic exposed brick of New York) with an extremely modern style, historical features and modern details, emphasizing the importance of conservation together with openness to contemporary influences. A blend of epochs, styles and requirements, making the spaces livable, timely but still rooted in the past.

One fundamental choice was to protect (and furnish) the entrances to each of the seven apartments with the Tekno security doors by Oikos Venezia, while the Synua coplanar pivot door was chosen for its large size for the entrances of the three suites.

Synua and Tekno also have another important purpose in this context: besides marking the boundary between outside and inside, public and private, these security doors add great aesthetic value for people who like to surround themselves with beautiful, elegant and refined things.