2016 was a year of overall sales rebound (+4.6%), thanks to the increase after years of retreat of demand on the Italian market (+5.5%) and growth in the area of exports (+4.4%), driving production (+5.4%).


Italian production thus returns to levels above 415 million square meters, while for the two-year period of 2017-2018, in spite of an overall slump, the results should be consolidated, leading to further production growth in the years to come.

Housing demand should continue, driven by a dynamic of mortgages – given low interest rates – to spur on development activities.


These were the main themes discussed during the year-end conference of Confindustria Ceramica, which alongside the reporting of the results of studies connected by the in-house research center in collaboration with Prometeia and BPER Banca, also featured a round table with the participation of the president of the association Vittorio Borelli, the general vice-director of BPER Banca Pierpio Cerforgli and Giovanni De Pasquale, president of ANAIP, the National Association of Condominium Managers.



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