Two new (surprising) rooms in the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin

The Michelberger Hotel of Berlin has been enhanced by two new rooms designed by the clients Tom and Nadine Michelberger and the designer Sigurd Larsen. Two rooms that use the Simonwerk Tectus concealed hinges for their many special doors.

Tom and Nadine Michelberger, without any specific experience but with very creative ideas, created a hipster hotel a few years ago, with a trendy and decidedly artistic atmosphere, in the up-and-coming area of Friederichshain.

The Michelberger Hotel is located in a former factory which conserves the architectural characteristics of an old industrial building, like the large windows, high ceilings and exposed brick, intentionally utilized by the designer Werner Aisslinger to add character to the interior design of the hotel with its over 100 rooms, its restaurant and meeting facilities.

To allow the hotel to continue to change, several individual rooms are redesigned year after year.

Sigurd Larsen has recently reinterpreted two of the rooms. Not normal hotel rooms, but veritable housing units with surprising details.

Room204 – The House of Doors is full of doors and windows, that reveal surprises when they are opened. A canyon as a sauna, a bathtub with a view, an elevated bedroom, a welcoming kitchen, a shower and a grotto.

Room 304 – The Gardenhouse, with very high ceilings, features a cubic structure on two levels: the ground floor contains a bathroom, a sauna, a bedroom and a kitchen that opens onto a sort of outdoor garden. The staircase inside the cube leads to the upper level which offers a bedroom and a large hammock with a view of the inner garden. There is also an outdoor shower, a pool-style bathtub, a terrace with a dining table and a lounge area.

A decisive factor in the surprise effect of the two new rooms is represented by the flush-installed doors equipped with the Tectus concealed hinges by Simonwerk.