In 1992 Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank Boschman founded an outdoor furniture company, giving it the name Royal Botania to allude to the natural beauty of lush botanical gardens.


Today, 25 years later, Royal Botania has become an international reference point for outdoor furnishings, with a wide range of offerings and the highest levels of technical refinement. The firm offers a vast range of different styles and materials. Every piece is designed and engineered to provide perfect harmony between precision and functional quality.


The 2017 collection is composed of different products, some very decorative, others more functional, but all with the Royal Botania DNA, namely a particular focus on engineering, ergonomics and aesthetics.


One new creation is the Palma garden umbrella, a blend of innovation and organic imagery. It is the result of years of work on the part of chief designer Kris Van Puyvelde, to rethink and reinvent the umbrella. The mechanical innovation is hidden inside. The base contains a rapid release mechanism and the aluminium post conceals a gas spring to make the opening movement extremely simple.