Sthapatya Veda, or Maharishi Vedic architecture, is the discipline of yoga applied to architecture: thanks to Rubner Haus, in Italy the first house has been made based on the ancient principles of this tradition.

This tradition comes from the Vedas, the ancient texts whose aim is to make human beings evolve both materially and spiritually; the architectural aspect focuses on making buildings have only positive influences on their inhabitants.

Vedic principles are based on natural laws: the orientation of the house is fundamental for the overall wellness of the individual. The energy of the sun is more nourishing when it rises, and reaches different stages of quality in its movement across the sky.

Proportions are a key concern in the design of the Casa Ambrosino made with the principles of Vedic Sthapatya: the correct proportions and measurements of buildings reinforce the connection between individual intelligence and cosmic intelligence.

The buildings must be made in a sustainable way with natural, non-toxic materials suitable for the local climate conditions. Wood is the only material that is perfectly in tune with this conception of architecture.