More and more Italians are looking for solutions that can help them put healthy and tasty food on the table even when time for cooking is in short supply. In the kitchen, they want a valuable ally to guarantee efficiency and practicality: innovation and new frontiers of cooking come together in the technology of the new Samsung HotBlast Smart microwave ovens, the solution to prepare your favorite dishes in an increasingly easy and appetizing way.

Samsung takes cooking onto the skin together with “I Tradizionali,” a project triggered by collaboration between Marina Cinciripini, interior designer and lover of cooking, and Sarah Richiuso, product designer and illustrator, the creators of “tattoo recipes,” a collection of illustrated recipes that can be temporarily tattooed on the forearm.

A combination of technology and food design that ensures meals worthy of the finest chefs, bringing people closer to food culture in creative and innovative ways.

Samsung’s commitment to support people in their individual culinary journeys, getting them involved with cooking in an original, smart way, leads to constant innovation and the capacity to revolutionize work in the kitchen. These are the characteristics shared by the new HotBlastTM Smart Oven microwave units, which make life easier in the kitchen with the preparation of tasty and healthy dishes on a tight schedule, saving up to 50% of the time compared to the requirements of a traditional oven.

All this thanks to the HotBlast technology, for a flow of evenly distributed hot air to heat foods from the top down, with a fan that is about two times larger than conventional ovens.