A new innovation project for Samsung Maestros Academy, the digital platform created in 2014 by Leo Burnett to preserve and pass on crafts know-how. In 2015 the exclusive format of digital teaching gave rise to the first offline masters program for “digital artisans” in collaboration with Samsung and IED – the European Design Institute.


Samsung Smart Play-Board is an interactive game platform created by Pietro Rigamonti, a student of the Samsung Maestros Academy masters program at IED, developed with a team of scientific endorsers, the new “Innovation Team” of Leo Burnett Italia and the “Product & Solutions” team of Samsung Italia.


For children, it is a physical play platform, while for educators and parents it is a way to recognize the aptitudes of children, helping them to develop their talents.


Samsung Smart Play-Board is a system of wooden modules that stimulates the development of the multiple intelligences of children, in dialogue with the technological heart of the Play-Board, keeping track of the child’s actions during play and transforming them into precious information on potential areas of success, available to educators and parents via smartphone thanks to a special app.


This app has been designed to associate every individual “mix” of intelligences, detected thanks to the Play-Board, with tailor-made educational activities suggested by an Open Research Community composed of researchers, teachers and families, launched by the Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Macerata. A virtuous process to transform the first family of Samsung Smart Play-Boards into a true global research project for the world of education, already successfully presented at the Samsung District during this year’s Design Week in Milan.


The project is supported by Samsung and IED – Istituto Europeo di Design, but it is organized as an open-source platform that is easy to customize and improve for anyone in the world, ready for beta-testing in different schools and universities all over the globe, thanks to the scientific endorsement of the Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Macerata.