A typical Milanese courtyard building, transformed by Aldo Cibic to create a design hotel

A typical courtyard building with access balconies in Milan becomes a design hotel: Savona 18 Suites, a project by Aldo Cibic for the company Blu Hotels.

The initiative began with the renovation of a 20th-century building that had been abandoned for some time, which Cibic has completely salvaged, conserving its architectural image and authenticity.

The result is a hotel like a big house, a welcoming place with the atmosphere of old Milan.

The retro structure is balanced perfectly with the contemporary mood of the interior design.

Starting in the lobby, which immediately presents itself as a real art gallery. The entrance counter is like an off-scale Tibetan cabinet, while the yellow tile bench and wall graphics form a contrast with the neutral tones of the room, creating an effect of warm minimalism.

Sofas, carpets, lamps, mirrors and accessories by Aldo Cibic and Paola C. decorate the lounge and the Petit Café.

The large courtyard faced by the more exclusive suites has been transformed with sofas and armchairs into an outdoor living area, with a mural created by Cibic.

Savona 18 Suites has 43 rooms, all furnished differently. The decor combines vintage pieces with contemporary design, paintings, color effects and fabrics that give every room a unique personality.